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Happy birthday to ME - I turn 60 this year!

It is a little weird, really - kind of bitter sweet. But don't get me wrong: I am grateful that this body of mine has dragged me into a whole new decade. But in all honesty, I also recognize definite signs of wear and tear. My skin suit just isn't what it used to be! I am not sure I am really very jazzed about this birthday - doesn't 60 just seem old?

But then an idea came to me - instead of being depressed or getting overly concerned about continuing on in life with one foot in the grave, I can take a completely different direction with all this - I can use my birthday for a greater good. Therefore, I have decided to donate my 60th birthday as a vehicle to rally support for a nonprofit I have served with for seven years - Strong Harvest International. I am turning my birthday into a means to raise money to make this world a little better!

So here I am, asking my family and friends to give generously in celebration of 60th birthdays in general and support our work at Strong Harvest: bringing dignity and hope to people who daily live without what we so often take for granted - food with nutritional value and water that is safe to drink.

Here's to next year!