Sue Ellen Dolan
Sue Ellen Dolan's Fundraiser

Ice Cream Fundraiser! Super-Nutrition from a Miracle Tree for Undernourished Kids

Join Dan and I for Ice Cream in Cannon Beach and Nourish Kids in Haiti.

$85 towards $50

Hey guys, seriously I didn't ask you to the beach this weekend to get a donation, but since we're all together and if you feel inclined...

There are these precious kids just over yonder, in Haiti. So many are not getting the protein, vitamin C, calcium and iron they need to thrive. This makes them stunted in growth, skinny and susceptible to disease. But there's this tree that thrives in their country that has an abundance of these essentials. It's called the Miracle Tree, Moringa.

If their mothers and fathers only knew that it's a powerhouse of nutrition, how easy it is to grow and eat the leaves, and that its seeds can even purify dirty water, they would be amazed. Their little ones could be way healthier. A few seeds, a little knowledge and people take off with this stuff! It's so simple. And it changes the health of families by their own initiative and resourcefulness.

Thanks everyone for donating!